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Frequently Asked Questions
Preparing for The Auto Transport Group to pick up your vehicle

The Auto Transport Group will pick up your vehicle in its everyday form.  You are not required to empty the gas tank or do anything else.  You may want to consider removing personal items.  Please secure all loose items and the carrier will advise you of any further recommendations.

Car Shipping Insurance

By law all The Auto Transport Group must carry insurance.  Our carriers will always carry Liability and Cargo Insurance.  The liability insurance covers and damage due to driver error and has a max coverage of $1,000,000 on the contents of the carrier.  The Cargo Insurance policy can vary from truck to truck however there is a minimum of $50,000 per vehicle required by D.O.T.

Terminal Delivery

A terminal is required only if the truck does not have enough room at the drop off or pick up point.  This is typically due to narrow residential roads.  All terminals are fully licensed and insured.  Terminal shipping is also more cost effective.

Non Running Vehicle's

Typically there will be additional cost involved depending on the difficulty of loading the vehicle onto the truck.  Please note this in the quote form.

How much time lead time is needed?

Please allow at least 2 weeks lead time to schedule you pick up.  The more time given allows us to provide even better rates.  If you have expedited situation arrangements can always be made however rates will most likely be a little higher.

What variables determine the cost of Car Shipping?

Of course there are several factors involved in determining rates.  The main factors are: Do you need door to door or terminal to terminal? Next is would you like open or closed carrier?  You can save around 33% by going with the open carrier.

Does the size of the vehicle matter?

Yes the size of the vehicles matter.  Sedans will be less that truck and SUV's will be the most expensive.



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